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Key Benefits#

Multi Devices SupportSimple/Unified Users ExperienceIncrease Carrier RevenueMulti Devices Support
Multi Devices SupportSimple/Unified
Users Experience
Increase Carrier RevenueCloud Based
Support Consumer Devices (Apple and Android)

Support Enterprise Devices (all Enterprise Devices connected to MDM, and MDM connected to ES over TS43 v6.0)
Unified User Experience from perspective of provisioning data plans and eSIM activation on many Devices

Neither QR nor AC is anymore needed โ€“ simple process to support end user satisfaction
Enterprise Devices on-boarding new revenue streams

Consumer Devices on-boarding new revenue streams

Support of Data Plans dedicated for 5G devices
Shorten Go to Market

Significantly chipper solution in comparison with on-prem systems

All features rollout to all Clients when released

Simplify Devices On-Boarding RSP Agnostic

1GLOBAL's Unique Experience#

1GLOBAL is deeply familiar with Entitlement Server features and flows and MNO, MVNO service features and flows. This unique knowledge allows us to fully understand the processes taking place on the part of the MNO, MVNO and the ES provider.

1GLOBAL is able to assist MNO, MVNO in:
  • use cases definition.
  • test cases execution.

1GLOBAL's References#

1GLOBAL has been selected by Apple to support this Apple Family Setup.

1GLOBAL uniquely launching the new Family Setup feature the service in 8 countries Spain, France,UK, Germany, Poland, HK, USA and Australia.

1GLOBAL references

1GLOBAL's Offer Differentiator#

1GLOBAL provides:
  • customization of hosted websheets templates.
  • usage of standard websheets workflow.

The following customizations are available:
  • wording and language adaptation.
  • MNO, MVNO logos.
  • backgroung colorous.
  • data plan list